Hangover and Out


Hangover and Out is currently in line edits…so it is well on its way.

The title was chosen to symbolize Cal & Dan’s new life out of the closet and the book itself tells the tale of their first weekend home after returning from Vegas.

 Back in London, Cal and Dan find themselves coshed with the consequences of their wedding—which p’raps sounds a mite ominous—if you happen to be a tumble haired thunder-god. But probably counts as a bit of a mishap or two, if you’re fortunate ’nuff to go by the moniker Daniel Flynn-Carter.

We are introduced to several new characters in the novel, most notably Callum’s bandmates; Jake, Tom and Bradley.  Paul? Has undergone a shift akin to a nun becoming a brothel madam since news of their nuptials broke. A fact that no doubt has nary a jot to do with the pennies aplenty cascading into the Barbed Wire Bouquet coffers. Rather than merely being enriched by the paltry contributions of the pink pound.

The press remain fascinated by the news, and the Great British Public; notorious for taking mavericks and mischief makers into their hearts—particularly those far too charming for their own good—are much taken with the newlyweds. Or, at least, all the gory ‘n’ glorious details of their escapades. Social media is still abuzz with all things Calliel.

‘Tis a tad longer than Hangover #1 and concludes at a significant moment in their relationship—a plateau of sorts—which I hope will feel a satisfying place to bid them au revoir…for now.


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