Hangover & Halloween🎃



🎃Happy October! 🎃

Hangover is Out. Release day feels a mite akin to the moment after you leap from a plane. The freefall part, before you know whether the pesky parachute will open. Or not. It might even be worse, because you wouldn’t have to worry about that for long. A few minutes is a very lot less than months of mithering yourself half daft about what tomorrow might bring—or not—on accounts of being a tad dead, an’ all.

Having never bestirred m’self to step from an aircraft mid-flight, I can’t vouch for the authenticity of said simile. Let’s call it a guess. I have p’raps careered downhill in a shopping trolley while squished into the kiddie seat, which might’ve got a bit sticky had I crashed. I was p’raps too tipsy to care a toot for consequence at the time so, I can’t, in all good conscience, claim it as a feat of daring-dos.

I was not the slightest sozzled when I deemed it a mighty fine plan to submit Hangover from Hell to a publisher. I just thought ‘oh, why not indeedy.’  I’m strangely sure those will be my very last words afore I pop my clogs. Oddly ’nuff.  It’s much easier to muster ‘bravery’ when you don’t know what the bejeezus you’re letting yourself in for. So, it might be less terrifying to leap from the aforementioned plane for the first time, rather than the second. Being a wee bit oblivious is a splendid boon on the fretting front, cos you can’t indulge in a fully informed flap.

Ignorance might not be bliss, but it’s way more comfy. When you know full well how it feels to plunge to your possible doom, you have to pull up your big boy pants a helluva lot higher. Until they can multi-task as a scarf – or snood – is about your best bet.

Quite where I was going with this, is anyone’s guess. A spookily familiar state of affairs, it must be admitted, which might explain why I feel as if I’ve sat m’self down in the stocks and invited peeps to pelt me with past-its-sell-by-date produce. Scary? Halloween has nothing on this.

Oh, there y’go. I got somewhere in the end. Somehow. If you squint a bit, with a very kindly eye…

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