The Duke & Dandy Trilogy


I’ve almost finished readying the Duke & Dandy Trilogy for release. ‘Twas written as a complete novel, but 100,000 words felt a tad daunting to attempt as a first foray into self-publishing. I simply wished to have some stories available for free & on KU, so releasing it as a trilogy seemed the best way to test the waters. Both in terms of familiarizing myself with Kindle Create & also offering a snippet of something that is…a mite Marmitey.

In the intervening months I have, many times, wondered if I should try to dilute my writing. I’m not sure ‘twould be possible, even if I wanted to. Every word I write echoes the way I think, so I’d need to rewire my brain first…a feat I’ve spent too long attempting in IRL to wish it upon my inner world, too.

covers - Edited

Anyhoo…The Duke & The Dandy Trilogy, which has been revised & re-edited, is on its way. This is version I’d hope people had in their hands when they began the book.

Gay Book Promotions have kindly agreed to host a three day tour for me. Chances are, I may drop dead before then, largely on accounts of deeming it a damned fine plan to send off copies for reviewers. I fear the worst; from the dodgy formatting of those PDF’s to the contents therein. The finished book will have italics and dialogue where they should be, I promise. 😳 As ’tis a tadalot late to worry about that—or indeed, my marbles—this may well be the last blog I’ll foist upon you…



4 thoughts on “The Duke & Dandy Trilogy

  1. Releases are stressful aren’t they? The worry leading up to it, then being on edge right after, wondering how it’ll be received. And I don’t think it matters how many readthroughs I give a manuscript, there’s always something else I wish I could tweak after it’s out of my hands.

    “Undiluted” Zakarrie is half the fun of reading your books, so I hope you don’t overdilute! 🌺💋❣️

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    1. Oh, they are… Tis the strangest sort of self torture to put yourself through! 😮 You’re so right…there is. But I’ve never done review tours before…and how I wish those manuscripts matched the book I’ve formatted. zonk. Aww, how lovely of you…thank you sooo much. 🌹❤🌹

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      1. Oh thank you…so much. 💞They’re the first ones I’ve sent, so I’ve just fretted a lot whenever I’ve happened upon a bit I wish I could fix.😳❤

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