Beast of Bodmin 18 & 19

Happy New Week to you… Chapter 18 was a smidge short so I’ve reposted it alongside Ch. 19 to make it flow a mite better. The new partPhin’sis beneath Jake’s. 




The Beast of Bodmin Moor 18









Jake’s eyelids flicked open. From deep sleep to awake and alert in an instant, he hadn’t luxuriated in a lie in since…the morning after the night before he found himself shackled to a jackal. The fact he’d also woken to no trace of a hangover wasn’t quite the consolation it might have been…had Jake not spent them drowning himself in whisky, in hopes of dousing his less edifying…thirsts. 

This state of instant alertness was promptly proved a laggardly start to the day by his very own cock, which had clearly been up and bursting with impatience for some time. A boner so insistent it was impossible to ignore—even if he’d wanted to—Jake did not. He was bloody ravenous.

After slithering from under the arm curved over his waist, Jake stilled when Phin mumbled something incomprehensible and threw his now free arm behind him. This tilted his weight rather more onto his back, which was a shift too tantalizing to resist. Slithering down the bed to slip his fingers beneath Phin’s sleepier cock elicited a soft sigh, but he didn’t stir to consciousness. Jake had no sooner angled it towards his hovering mouth than wrapped his lips around it to slide oh, so slowly down; savouring every second with a tongue on a mission to make them count. By the time he reached Phin’s hilt, he was fully erect…and wide awake.

“Hmm…Jack…” His name was succeeded by the most superlative sigh to ever rifle Jake’s eardrums. 

Jake couldn’t exactly respond, but the jackal sure as shit could; with a goofy ‘grin’ complete with lolling tongue. Smug bastard.

Their battle of wills had taken on a competitive edge, it seemed. Could you actually win a civil war over (sort of) yourself? Not least when to win was to lose? To lose, win?

Did it matter a toss when victory and loss amounted to much the same sublime outcome? Fruits of his labours that didn’t seem too far in the future when Phin flexed upwards, straining off the bed with white-knuckled fistfuls of sheet clutched tight. Rolling purrs and writhing hips accompanied the trawling of Jake’s flattened tongue as he dragged his head back. An abandonment to pleasure every inch as lavish as everlasting legs… 

Jake picked up the pace, craving the moment that would soon be his to savour. Very soon, but it had been an unprecedented start to Phin’s day. When lean hips spasmed, the shudders that rippled along Phin’s spine vibrated Jake’s very bones…the shriek of his name almost as sweet as the cinnamon salt that spilled into his mouth. Jake drank him down with a thirst he’d started to suspect was insatiable.

“Hmm…” A smudgy smile smeared itself across Phin’s face when questing fingers sought, found, Jake’s hair.

“Morning…” His voice sounded as if he’d gargled with gravel.

“G’morning…thank you…”

Phin patently thought it was po-lite to add the latter to his own greeting…but the jackal was far from finished with him. He wanted more

Be fucking reasonable.

When the jackal huffed with disgruntlement, Jake steeled himself against the scything agony of claws. It did not come, instead? Jack’s eyes just gleamed greed.

That’s a compromise!? On which planet…Phin’s? Okay... I’ll take your compromise and raise you an ultimatum: if you so much as sniff a sheep’s arse after this, we’re going skydiving. Off a cliff.


“Oh, I’m not done yet…” Apparently. 

Jake clasped Phin’s wrist and gave it a swift tug that flipped him onto his front. Jake had settled himself between excessive legs and whipped away Phin’s pillow before he so much as got his bearings, let alone wondered what the fuck? Aloud, at least. The pillow would raise him a little, but not enough to grant them an access he as sure as (wot no) fuck wasn’t about to let go horribly awry. And dry.

The promise of paradiselostwas too alluring to risk…when this would suffice—for now—it seemed. According to compromise and promise alike. With perhaps a threat…thrown in as caveat. 

Phin possibly wasn’t expecting the consequences of said accord. 


“Guess again…” 

Thus, it was that, under the terms of their settlement and nary a sniff of sheep’s arse; Jake’s tongue embarked on its maiden voyage into uncharted territory. Even on his extensive map of misadventures. But so was Phin. Jake had never felt this way before. Was that all down to Jack? Could this all-consuming craving be attributed solely to him? It was incomprehensible, incalculable. Jake knew, beyond all shadow of doubt, that he’d want Phin with, or without, the jackal’s influence…but it was impossible to fathom how deep that desire would’ve dredged. A subterranean, bone-deep hankering to make Phin his own…or a quick shag after a pint or three down the pub? 

The jackal whimpered. Want. Jake bent trickle his tongue along the tender seam of skin  behind Phin’s balls before sweeping a luxurious sluice to the centre of their darkest designs. The shriek that ensued damn near shattered their ear drums. How they yearned to earn themselves many, many more. Too much more.

Phin gasped, gulping at air as Jake continued his mesmerizing ministrations. Nothing he had ever experienced—even in the last two years—had prepared Jake for the profound intensity of his own emotions. Or the ineffable intimacy of the moment. 

On what plane of consciousness might Jake ever have pondered such a likelihood? He’d sure as hell never sat on his sofa musing the metaphysical consequences of shoving his tongue where the sun don’t shine. Not even while blind drunk; a claim established as fact after exhaustive research.

A diligence Jake now applied to the matter at…tongue. An organ he now found himself—inconceivably—wishing he could trade with the jackal. Jack was…to the astonishment of no one ever? In complete agreement on this. Again. 

No shit, Sherlock. You have an uncanny knack for stating the bloody obvious, y’know. An unassailable fact proved by the current location of your tongue.

With the most fuck awful of all puns…just sayin.

This newfound simpatico was well on the way to disturbing…



Chapter 19





Phin’s knees gave way, or maybe his arms. He wasn’t sure which went first, he’d only been able to do concentrating on one part of himself for a wee while…oddly enough. Was that even legal? Phin couldn’t care a toot either way…but surely something that sumptuous must’ve been outlawed? Or—at very least—coshed by a Tongue Tax.

“Y’okay?” Jack asked, sounding a smidge worried. He was most odd at times. What the bejeezus could be wrong with Phin? Unless he’d dropped dead of delight.

“I am…too bamboozled to do talking?”

Jack was still chuckling when he catapulted off the bed, landing with light-footed aplomb a world away from Phin’s galumping thud to the floor. After wrangling himself around to flop onto his back, Phin lay staring at the roof, blinking a bit. Stone the bloomin crows…and some ravens too. And jackdaws.

He was too dizzy ‘n’ dazed to see straight. Even the images scrolling through his mind’s eye looked like one of those old crickle-crackle cine-film reels. Starring an excessively foxy friend and his very own bum. Foxy might only be a turn of phrase, but it was still very fitting for a certain sultry scoundrel with a Canidae slink to his lithe grace.

Lines from one of Phin’s favourite poems— ‘Thought Fox’—kept wafting through his head, so well-suited did they seem. He must have a mooch for The Hawk in the Rain later, when Jake left. Phin preferred reading the words even though he knew them by heart; it felt more intimate, immersing himself in a book. He revelled in the rustle of pages, their satin smoothness, the very smell of much-loved hardbacks. In truth, many poems penned by Ted Hughes seemed to encapsulate Jake’s essence; both steeped in raw, brutal beauty. Perhaps the hypersenses had recognized this all along…even though Phin had only got around to thinking it now. He had never felt as comfy with someone as a beloved book before. Jake was the living embodiment of their inherent conflict; oozing tender violence.

Even the tale that gave life to ‘Thought Fox’ was fabulous: Ted had been trying to write for hours, staring at a blank page until two a.m. before giving up and going to bed. He’d dreamed of a fox—a big one, as large as a wolf—who walked into the room on its hind legs. Charred; as if he’d stepped straight from a fire, with agonized eyes. The fox approached Ted’s desk, placed his bleeding hand (not paw) on the empty page and said: ‘Stop this, you are destroying us…’

In the background of these musings came the clink of cups and merry bubble of the kettle. Hmm…tea for two. It was perhaps daft, but the thought of Jack pottering about in Phin’s ‘kitchen’ was luscious. The scoundrel was so sexy, he made tea bags seem erotic.

“Teas up…” Jake announced, lifting the tray aloft. Balanced on bridged fingers too, like a fancy waiter in a swanky restaurant. Perhaps a French or Italian one, he didn’t look English.

“Jack? What is your surname?”

“McCain…” He answered while hefting himself into the nook, much as a gymnast mounted a high horse. Phin would never have managed it, but Jack hoisted himself up without any huffing and puffing. Watching the taut ripple of sinewy muscle was worth tossing the tray overboard for, in hopes of a replay. Chances were, Phin would have to fetch it himself, though. His own cock-a-leg-up and grasp-the-mattress-scramble couldn’t be considered the least bit saucy.

“That’s a Gaelic name isn’t it—Irish—not Scottish?”

“You…are astounding. How on Earth did you know that?”

“Easy peasy. Celtic mythology is my favourite…I learned some Gaelic along the way. That’s one of the reasons I came to Cornwall, it being a Celtic land. I knew my mum would have a heart attack if I got on a boat, which ruled out Brittany, Ireland, and the Isle of Man. That left Cornwall, Scotland, and Wales…I liked Dorset and I love Arthurian legend, so…Kernow it was. I drove to Tintagel first, it was even more magical than I’d hoped.”

“It is fantastical…” Jake agreed. “Was it the distance…or the boat itself that worried her?” His smirk suggested that he might be in cahoots with certain mum’s who found the thought of Phin aboard a boat cause for coronary.

“She didn’t do choosing between them…and still had plenty of space left for bicycle clips, clean hankies and losing my phone. And my van.” 

“Have you…?” The scoundrel asked, with a glint that implied the answer was a bit of a no brainer. How rude…

“You are, I believe, sitting in my van…” Phin sniffed, “…and the phone is…” Bummer. He paused to ponder the whereabouts of the pesky article, having put it “…in a safe place.”

“Would I be correct in assuming you’ve since found the van and the phone is…as good as lost?”

“It’s safely lost? I just haven’t found it yet, that’s all. It’s a smidge smaller than the van.”

“So…a yes on both counts.” Jake nodded—to himself, it seemed—like a pup on a parcel shelf.

“That wasn’t a question, so I don’t have to answer.” Phin noted. “Mine is Finley, derived from the Old Irish Gaelic ‘Findláech’. So there you go…two Celts aboard a campervan in Kernow. Perfect,” Phin grinned.

Sláinte…” Jack inclined his teacup at Phin before having a slurp.

Sláinte agatsa,” he responded, a mite absentmindedly, afore adding…Jack?

“Oh gawd. Why do I have a bad feeling about this… Yeeees, Phin?

“You’re a Jedi?” seemed as good a guess as any. “It’s not bad, I promise…it’s just that, you…um, haven’t had your turn.”  This caused such a splutter, his foxy friend promptly sprayed tea like a sprinkler. “Jack, you mucky pup!” Sinewy shoulders started quaking as he clamped his lips shut, eyes bulging as if they were about to plop onto the tea tray. “What!?”

Fuck—and before you ask—No. Oh hell….” That did it, Jack threw his head back and started yukking it up with gusto. It seemed a very un-Jacklike laugh—sort of unshackled somehow—which was most oddsome.

“Spoilsport. Can I do some slurping then…or…p’raps what you just did? When you’ve finished spraying your tea?” 

“There’s really no need to reciprocate…” Jack sobered in an instant. “I don’t—”

“Okay, but I still want to. I’d do it every ten minutes, if you’d let me. Then you’d have time for a cuppa in between…” Phin assured him.

“Why do I believe you?” Jake groaned, but his honeyed skin had flushed a fetching rosy hue. He really did ask daft questions sometimes, only he knew the answer, surely?

“Because it’s true?” That was Phin’s best shot. 

“I asked for that…” Jake snorted.

“You did…were you doing hinting?”


“For confirmation that I wanted to? Cos I do. Whenever you wish, I’m easy…but then we’ve already covered that. I’m telling far too many truths, I seem to be on a roll. That never ends well…” Phin admitted.

“Which is exactly what worries me most.” 

“Pardon?” Phin had no idea what that meant, but he’d sounded sort of…sad.

“That this won’t end well,” Jake clarified.

“It won’t. It can’t end well. Not even if you wanted to stay with me forever, y’daftie. One of us would die first, I’d hope it was me. Unless you shot us both, now that would be a plan.”

“Phin. Please hush up.”

“Was that happy hinting?”

“Yes.” Jake’s grin was devilish when he pounced to snaffle Phin’s very breath with oh, so greedy lips…



6 thoughts on “Beast of Bodmin 18 & 19

  1. Oh it really seems more and more the two are becoming one, I just adore the way you’ve taken them on this journey from Jack being the unwanted usurper of Jake’s body to Jake now becoming in Phin’s eyes “a certain sultry scoundrel with a Canidae slink to his lithe grace.” such a gorgeous line! 🥰And such a beautiful melding of both of them! I love the depth of that concept too – the idea that the qualities of a person’s ‘inner Jackal’ can be a good thing as well when combined or tempered by the more gentle, caring, cautious side as well. Love the Ted Hughes refs too – and all the Celtic background (sucker for that myself, lol!) it’s a lovely depth to the background of them both! 🥰🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 💜Oh thank you so much.💜 I’m really sorry about the typos, it seems that I couldn’t see straight earlier, either.😳I have fixed them now, but far too late.🙄 I’m real happy it feels that way on the Ja/ke front, and couldn’t be more chuffed about the ‘tempering’ – that’s the perfect word – and Ted Hughes😻 (yay…I’m so glad you are too😽) Thank you, truly, for every wonderful word💞

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, sorry hun, I didn’t notice any typos or I would have given you a ‘heads up’ … I think I was too carried away into the story that I was seeing it like a film rather than concentrating on the actual spelling / typing. Glad you’re happy with it now though (I’m forever making mistakes with tech, lol) Aw, you’re welcome as always – hugs- xxxxxx

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Aw…thank you🥰 How lovely of you to say so.❤️ 🤭Me too but dang, being beset by ‘blithering idiotitis’ never gets old when you spot what you’ve done…😧 *Huge hugs back*❤️ xxxxx

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