Beast of Bodmin Moor 24

Hi, I’ve finally finished gadding about for Christmas, so I’ll post the next chapter tomorrow, all being well. I hope that all your preparations are falling into place and that you have a wonderful Christmas and/or very Happy Holidays.❤️🎄❤️



The Beast of Bodmin Moor









Fuck, no. Jake hadn’t even expected Phin to follow, let alone find him out here. He’d been too crippled to run, too deranged to change and flee on four legs, so he’d staggered as far as he could before collapsing behind the bins. Thinking himself as ‘safe’ from discovery as possible. Jack—incomprehensibly—had not seen fit to snatch that ‘choice’ away; the very thing he’d been hell bent on in the bar. 

Out here, when that would have been, for once, bloody helpful, he’d point blank refused to co-operate. What the fuck is with the Hulk no-show…had been Jake’s last (ludicrous) thought before Phin’s presence saturated their senses. 

It would have taken Phin much longer to weave through the punters and leave the pub in the customary manner before dashing around to the rear, so he’d clearly come via the bar. The only surprising part of that had, of course, been expecting Phin to use the same exit as everyone else. Rather than disregarding all barriersboth literal and societalbetween himself and the dipshit notion he was dead set on at the time. Just as he’d barged through every boundary Jake had done his damnedest to enforce in a futile bid to protect him.

Having managed to stumble over to the bins, there had been bugger all else he could do. Other than pray Jack might let the fuck up with his grappling hook tantrum. Preferably while the explanation of having had a bit too much to drink would still suffice. The truth (partly), and Phin had already surmised as much. Disaster averted.

A hope that had been doomed from the off. The blame for that being every bit as blatant as Jake’s absence of fur. The Hulk-hound from hell had refused to play ball, let alone justify himself, leaving Jake to cower behind the bloody bins like the mangy dog he was.

“Gnnhh…g’way…” He groaned, a plea as pointless as arguing the toss with a post box.

A post box? That was random.

Opined the tosspot piping up now with barbs from fuck knows where. In the wake of being, for once in his bloody…existence, wanted.

“I’m not leaving you on your own in the dustbins, you daftie.”

“Fck. Off.” Cruel words that corroded Jake’s tongue even as it formed them. He was all out of options. “Go!”

Not cruel enough. Clearly. As far from paying any heed as possible? Phin dropped to his haunches and reached out with fingertips of flame to pour petrol on Jake’s shame. 

Jack had lost the plot the second he’d scented the girl’s desire; flagrant in the face of all he’d been denied. If Jake hadn’t got the hell out of the pub there would have been a damn sight more excitement than its regulars had bargained for after popping down the Albion for a swift pint.

Bursting from his own body in a fury of fur and frustration would have been fuck awful enough. Ripping her head off with his teeth? Might have proved a bit too much entertainment for one night. Lifetime.

But oh, so satisfying…you must admit.


Suit yourself. Like that makes it any less true…just sayin.

Leave me.” Jake groaned.

Me or Phin? Not that it matters…you’re barking up the wrong tree either way.

“I…I can’t…leave you. On your own.” The pain in Phin’s voice was more excruciating than the clawing in Jake’s guts.

Why wouldn’t Phin save himself? It couldn’t be more obvious that he was dead set on not ‘doing listening’. Dead set? Salt in the wound of an irony too brutal for words.

“Can. Just. Go. I don’t want yonnagggh!” The latter almost choked Jake on its way out. No doubt would have done, had that not been too dipshit, even for Dogbreath. 

Talking about yourself in third person is not the most illustrious illustration of your sterling faculties, it must be said. Quite aside from being a lie so blasphemous your cock should have shrivelled up and died of shame. In penance.

Shut the fuck up. Someone has to save him. From all three of us.

A profanity that proved as pointless as it was painful. A last ditch hope that Phin might flinch and flounce off in a huff? Every bit as futile as those it succeeded. 

Instead? With infinite tenderness, Phin started stroking Jake’s bloody back. He had to get away from that hand and all it promised. Flee the torment of silken caresses and sorrow steeped words, before he could not. Before Phin was killed by his own kindness. Most of all, Jake had to get the hell away from a compassion he did not deserve.

If he could just struggle to his feet...Jake could…what? Skip off into the night? He could barely stagger to his hands and knees; his elbows gave out the second he planted his palms on the floor. He could do this. Get up. He had to…For Phin. Get away. From him. For him.

“Has it happened before? Should I phone for an ambulance?”

Hell yes. Fuck NO. Pleeease, just GO. “Y’have to go. I can’t…hold…” Jake told the truthpart of itbefore adding (further) injury to insult with a glare Phin would be insane to ignore. Jake knew damn well what his eyes looked like, he could see them reflected in drowning brown; which just widened with wonder when Jake levelled him with the death ray lasers. 

Oh if only. I could have sizzled her slutty ass before she’d sullied his skin. 

You’re as impossible as he is.

Yup. Two for a pair…Perfect for one another…We’d spoil another couple…triple. Tralala… Take your pick. I have. 

‘My fated mate’!?  F’fucksakes.


No way. Over my dead body. I want him too, you cretinous mutt. It’s your fault we can’t have him. What!? Now? Here? Yes, I know we’ve done it before. But not in a bloody carpark, we haven’t. At my workplace. Quite aside from the fact you’ve got your furry arse in a flap. How the hell will you hold it together? 


What’s that supposed to mean? It will ‘work some steam off’? Oh strewth. Fine. Just for the record? That’s a crock of shite and y’know it, you conniving bastard.

Lunatics, both of them. With Jake cast as the asylum. He might have fully expected to find himself incarcerated in one, but really…this was ridiculous. An opinion that possibly snapped the last slivers of Jack’s patience. A split second later Jake found himself hovering over a supine Phin, swallowing his surprised yelp alongside kisses he plundered as if to stave off perishing itself. Then proceeded to swallow a whole lot more than that. As agreed. A win-win deal t’die for.

The rumble of contentment that rolled in Jake’s throat when he’d done savouring his fill might have been mortifying…had Jake not promptly been bludgeoned by a betrayal that swept aside all paltry human frailties.

“Nooooo!”  I will or you will? “No. Had..a..deal. No. NO!”

Jake had no idea how much of that he snarled aloud. None whatsoever. All of it? None of it? He could scarce breathe, think, move…feel anything beyond the agony wracking his body. Aside from fear. Fury. The jackal’s frustration.


No. He doesn’t want you, he means me, you pillock.

“No! Phin. Run!”

“I-No…I..won’t!” Phin insisted, as stubborn as fuck, while clambering to his feet.

If the laser glare had been invested with the powers it appeared to promise, Phin would have burst into flames where he stood. Calmly tucking himself away. When he was done, he lifted his head. What he saw, made those eyes widen (which really didn’t help matters) while gazing unflinchingly into lightsaber blue. Twin beams mirrored back by midnight pools of darklight. 

I will or you will.

Christ. YouwillorIwill…Iwilloryouwill…over and over, resounding round Jake’s bell jar brain.

Tick tock… Jack sat, head tilted inquiringly as he waited, spearing Jack with his own bloody eyes.  Phin stood, mute determination emblazoned in unblinking brown.

Jake had but one option left. Act before Jack snatched that away too. Jake ran. He got about twenty yards before the fur hit the fan.

A distance he was permitted to cover purely so they didn’t scar Phin for life with a flailing claw. Apparently. The mangy mongrel patently didn’t give a flying toss about damage wreaked deeper than flesh. 

Fuck it hurt. The pain was far worse when Jake didn’t ‘do choosing’. As often proved true in everyday life. Perhaps pain was simply more bearable if walked into willingly. The ‘price we pay’.

Changing was just a matter of letting go if Jake elected to do it. A passing of the baton, rather than having it wrenched from his grip. Allowing the flame to flare to life until it radiated through his skin, rather than razing him to dust as he stood, steadfast.

If Jack forced it on him, it felt as if he were being flayed from the inside out.

Instead of fur flowing like water to ripple over bones that almost seemed to bend to Jake’s will? The jackal exploded from his human self in a frenzy of fury. An agonizing snap of bone and crunching joints. A searing scorch of muscles and straining tendons; stretched teeth shattering tight as the blood boiled in his veins. Jake could only compare it to being set on fire and thrown off a cliff.

This. Is what Phin saw. Heard. Endured. Fuck only knows how he felt.





6 thoughts on “Beast of Bodmin Moor 24

  1. Aw Phin is so much adorable through all this and his tenderness makes Jake’s turmoil even more painful and stark – beautifully done! And Jacks little barbed whip-flicks manage to both inject a grim humour and at the same time keep the tension high! Love it. So sorry it’s taken me an age to get back in the saddle and catch up! Christmas was wonderful but mad with surprise family visits and things and kiddies being ill and needing nursing and such, hope yours was wonderful and filled with tinsely cheer! 🥰🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello…and Happy New Year! 🥰 ‘Tis so lovely to see you 🥰I’m real glad you had a wonderful Christmas – if a mite mad – and I’m so sorry the kiddies were poorly. I hope they’re well again now💞 You need never say sorry! I’m just chuffed to bits to see you when you can pop by. It’s utterly lovely that you even want to. First of all…thank you with all my heart for leaving all these comments. 😻 I never imagined that you might, I was delighted that you’d ‘liked’ them, so please never feel that I hope you will write. ❤️
      Aww..I’m sooo glad you still think he’s adorable 🌹Thank you, truly, for every lovely word.🌹Oh, I love this:😁 Jacks little barbed whip-flicks 😂❤️ xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aw thankyou for the kiddie well wishes, they are all better now thankfully 🙂 Bless you, of course I wanted to come back and comment! I love your writing and characters so much it’s a joy and a privilege to be able to feel a part of their world and to say how much I’m enjoying their story and to thank you for sharing it! But I’m sorry if I overwhelmed you, woops, I’m a bit good at that somehow, not knowing how much is too much – eep. You can always say if I get annoying, I’ll not take offence 🙂 XD xx

        Liked by 1 person

      2. aw, you’re welcome..I’m so glad they’re feeling better now.🥰
        Oh…you didn’t overwhelm me at all!❤️ I was so chuffed when I woke up and saw your gorgeous comments that I felt guilty you’d returned after you break and spent all your time leaving me such lovely words to read. 😳Twas the very opposite of being overwhelmed. It was an utterly lovely gift.🥰 Thank you so so much for wanting to feel a part of their world, and for accepting them so wholeheartedly, foibles and all. Most of all, thank you, for being here, and being you.🥰 You could never, ever, be annoying to me,❤️xx

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Aw, bless your heart so much and thankyou! ( although others have lived to regret such rash words 😉 XD ) Don’t feel guilty at all hun – it was time well spent, a little well-earned tea break from a day of hard slog 🙂 xx

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Aw, you’re welcome, thank you! (🤭😁🤭Regretting isn’t my best thing, I haven’t done lots of practising😘) Aw, you’re so kind. I like the thought of being a tea break, I wish I’d told the careers chappie that’s what I wanted to be when I left school.🥰 I hope all your slogging went well 🌹xx🌹

        Liked by 1 person

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