Beast of Bodmin Moor 34

The Beast of Bodmin Moor





“Phiinn!” The rasp of his name seemed to do tugging deep in Phin’s guts; somewhere so secret, sacred, he’d never felt a peep from it before. Sort of similar to the sizzling spot that had sent fireworks fizzing up his spine and made his head do exploding; except, this was a…bone-deep drag. Rather than a…button that did triggering consequences. Blimey, it was a good job Phin was too busy to botch that barmy explanation aloud. Whys ‘n’ wherefores that mattered not a jot when Jake’s hips spasmed and he did coming. Lots of coming…filling Phin up, and his whole self with shimmery waves of warm wonder. 

“Hmmm…” Phin sighed when Jake smudged a kiss—not between his shoulder blades as he had before—but to each one in turn. In a tender sort of way, as if he were doing kissing it better. There was nothing amiss though, so Phin had possibly lost his plotalot. The least surprising part of the day, it must be admitted and thus, not a jot perturbing. Jake’s lips felt like squishy satin cushions that sent sparkles across Phin’s skin like fuzzy static. “I’m lots more than okay, afore you do asking, Mr. Fussalot,” he informed Jake. So very okay, in fact, that Phin longed to do the jackal-with-jammy-whiskers sound Foxy—Jack—made while having his ears stroked.

“Mr Fussalot? I am cut to the quick,” Jake sniffed. “Might I remind you that I could shred you with my teeth if I felt a bit peckish?”

“I should p’raps do getting you some bones from the butchers for when you fancy a snack.” 

“Thanks.” Jake’s chuckle skittered along Phin’s spine as he peeled their sticky skin apart, coshing it with a clutch of cold air in his stead.

After scrambling around to do stretching out on the bed, Phin lay, blinking against the glare of the floodlight lamp. Crikey…it was cruel. The duvet was not; the cool cotton felt luscious, so Phin did wriggling a bit, luxuriating in its coarse caress.

“Are you quite comfy?” Jake smirked, quirking an arch eyebrow.

“Yes, thank you…” Phin grinned, “…except for that bloomin’ lamp. It’s brutal…doesn’t it do burning your eyeballs? Mine are screaming and it’s not even orange. Just silver-sharp, like a strobe light. Is…Jack happy, Jake…?”

“It’s a bit bright, but I’m used to it, I guess,” Jake’s shrug was a tad…shifty, but Phin forgot to do mentioning that when he continued, “You know he is…” 

“I wanted to hear you do saying it…I might have been hoping too hard.”

“He is too happy for his own good,” Jake sighed.

“What makes you think he’s too much happy?” Phin asked, turning onto his side, facing Jake. Who did staring down at the duvet as if waiting for it to do something interesting when he replied;

“Because…he doesn’t deserve to be.” 


Jake snapped his head up to do spearing Phin with a blue that glistened like sunlit frost. “I was talking about Jack,” he growled.

“Exactly.” Phin’s smile felt upside down, even though it wasn’t. He could almost taste the tension seeping from Jake’s pores. It was tart…sort of salt ‘n’ vinegary. “You smell like a bag of chips.”

“Chips!?” Jake snorted. “How the hell did you segue from salty quips to chips?”

“P’raps I’m hungry. I’m partial to a chip buttie.” Phin did hedging because he didn’t think Jake would fancy being told he smelled bitter. It was p’raps on par with telling someone their bum looked big in that.

“Hungry, you might well be…but you’re still fibbing.”

“How can I be doing fibbing if I am hungry?” Phin frowned, a bit befuddled. It sounded a tad tricky to tell a truthful lie. He had managed far less probable mishaps, but a fudge was not a fib. 

“Because I can smell it,” Jake stated. Phin was willing to bet it didn’t do reeking of fish ‘n’ chips.

“What is the smell of fibbing?” he wondered. Aloud.

“Er…tainted?” Jake decided before adding, “As if the wrong spice has been added…a pinch of paprika rather than say…cinnamon.” 

“I could kill for an apple crumble, I’m starving,” Phin groaned when his guts did unleashing a loud grumble.

“I don’t doubt it.”

“I don’t whiff of fibbing?” Phin guessed.

Not a jot. C’mon, let’s get you fed…” Jake did springing off the bed as if Phin would starve t’death if he didn’t shift himself sharpish. The scoundrel had shrugged on his bathrobe before Phin had even done scraping himself off the duvet. Dang. A spot of naked cheffing would’ve been the finest appetiser on Earth. Perhaps too much so, Phin fessed up (to himself) as he might forget to do remembering his rumbly belly. 

Jake snagged a second robe from the hook on the back of the door and tossed it to Phin, so he did shrugging it on before following downstairs to the kitchen. When Jake flicked the switch, Phin couldn’t help but do wincing as the lights burst to life, like spear points of heat pinging off Phin’s skin.

“Oow! It’s too much!” He screwed his eyes tight shut and did cringing from the circle of overhead spots, but they were coshing him from all angles. Jake snapped them off sharpish and the scorch of scarlet faded to black behind Phin’s eyelids. “Thank you…sorry.”

“S’okay…you can open them again now.” 

Phin felt the air shift, warming when Jack closed the distance between them. His husky sunshine scent seemed to do stroking Phin’s skin. Lust blazed through his body like a comet across the night sky, then a thud did crashing against Phin’s ears as a startled grunt vibrated through his body. The shaft of pain that shot down his spine was weird, when he was sure it wasn’t doing hurting.

Skin...he needed skin. Phin only realised that Jake was somehow flat on his back—on the floor—beneath him while shifting a smidge to loosen the belt on his robe. He would have to do figuring that out later; all that mattered to Phin was Jake’s scent and the craving to be closer to it.

“Phin…” Hm, his voice…was a velvet caress. It made Phin’s ears do quivering in response, like snare drums tuned to its timbre. Raw need was doing clawing his guts when he wrenched the fronts of Jake’s robe apart, revealing the gleaming gold of his chest.

“Gnnrrr…” Phin swooped and melded his mouth to Jake’s skin, smearing across it to the tempting twinkle of a nipple. When he flicked his tongue over its tightened bud, Jake did groaning; a sound as intoxicating as the salt ‘n’ sex taste of his flesh. It was desire so dark, compelling, it did consuming all else, as if Phin’s entire world had narrowed to Him.

“Phin…fuck…” Jake gasped as his hips flexed off the floor, distracting Phin from his sudden skin fetish. Redirecting his focus to the hard ridge of heat doing drilling into his stomach. After a swift slither down his body, Phin’s lids flared wide when his gaze alighted on feverish flesh. He could see the blood doing pulsing through Jake’s veins; his husky musk so strong, it seemed to do seeping into Phin’s very pores. Ensnaring every sense. His fingers were trembling when Phin reached out to trail their tips along the length of Jake’s cock. He sucked in a sharp breath when it did twitching off his belly, as if its beady eye was looking for more.

It didn’t need to do asking twice. Phin had wrapped his lips around its hilt before the racket that crawled up his throat had done making its bid for freedom. His taste buds exploded in a fizzy frenzy like Fun Snaps going off in his mouth when Phin flattened his tongue against silk-sheathed steel to do dragging his head back. Oh, so slowly…he savoured every inch, then did lapping up the pearl of come that glistened at its tip. 

“GNRRHH…” Phin flicked his gaze upwards when that groar of sound ripped from Jake’s lips. Instantly enthralling…it did ringing with the timbre of a demand. A split-second later Phin found himself flipped onto his back and straddled by a Jake who parked himself astride his hips, eyes ablaze with topaz flame.

“So beautiful…” Phin raised his arm to do touching Jake’s face but he shot out a hand and trapped Phin’s wrist. When he did ghosting his nose across its underside it felt as if Jake was drinking in the finest of wines. 

“Mine…” His husky rasp was the sound of grit ground against glass. Jake started to do tracing the tiny network of veins with the tip of his tongue. The shivers of flame that flared up his Phin’s arm was all pleasure, not pain, but still felt as if he were being branded. 

It was with a sudden surge that Jake did springing to his feet, then bent to scoop Phin off the floor. After carrying him through the open door, Jake did kicking a second one open and strode across the…front room before lowering him on the soft tufts of a hearthrug. Phin couldn’t help but do a wriggle, its furry tickle was too tempting to resist.


“Fuck…look at you…” Jake seemed to be talking to himself, so Phin didn’t bother to do staring downwards. He’d seen plenty enough of that particular view and would rather do gazing at Jake.

Phin could see him quite well, despite the fact Jake hadn’t done turning any more floodlights on. His lithe body was aglow with soft hues—not etched in harsh shades of daytime—like the warm caress of candlelight. Illuminating Jake’s proud bone structure and shadowing the hollows of honeyed skin stretched taut over lean muscle. He was magnificent. ‘Mine’. And Phin was his.



2 thoughts on “Beast of Bodmin Moor 34

  1. Oh absolute heart-melt! 😍 They are so so perfect for eachother I’m so overthemoon Jake has finally taken that on board! Bless him! Your descriptions are so delicious as always – I love the scent of a lie being as ‘subtle and yet stark’ as flavouring a dish with the wrong spice – that’s so perfect! Poor Phin – I totally sympathise with the harsh lighting! I can only stand certain yellowish tinted bulbs of low wattage, bless him! 🥰I also love that Phin seems subtly more beastish in this scene too! 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww….it’s utterly lovely that you thinks so❤️ Yay! He has..at lastalot.😁 Oh, thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed it🥰 Poor you…it’s horrid to have your senses sandblasted by too much something or other; light, sound, touch… I’m glad you’ve found a shade of light that feels comfy❤️
      😁 Yay…I’m as chuffed he seems so as you’re chuffed he does.🥰 Thank you, as always xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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