Beast of Bodmin Moor 38


The Beast of Bodmin Moor





Jack woke; eyes wide, instantly alert. Turning his head, he snuffed a huff of content. A soft smile was playing upon Phin’s lips, his angel face serene in sleep.  

Unwilling to entrust his mate to human ears overnight, Jack had determined on guard-dog duty. In truth, it was a smidge too soon for such vigilance, but better safe than sorry, an’ all that, Jake. The cosy as can be part had been mere…consequence. A happy happenstance, that was it. Jack was not a jot as cunning as a Foxy.

After a few minutes luxuriating in the sheer bliss of…being, Jack slithered off the bed and padded out of the bedroom. He need only remain patient for a few more hours. When the moon rose in midnight skies, he would be able to claim Phin as his own. At last. Jake would keep him safe till then, because ‘he’ loved Phin too. Of course. Jack rolled his eyes. Humans…who’d have ’em. Except for Phin, of course. He was theirs.









Jake stepped out of the bath and towelled off his now less noxious self. He’d reeked something chronic after reclaiming it. 

Yes, I know ‘why’ you did it…but you knew it was too early to fear for Phin’s welfare. Better safe than sorry, my arse. You could have at least held off until I’d got my breath back.

You’d have been less befuddled then.

Damn right, I would.

‘Befuddled’? Phin, of course. Jack would no doubt insist on doing changing next. Jake raked his fingers through his hair and huffed a sigh of resignation. His bladder was bursting, so he took care of that, then had a quick wash and brushed his teeth. Dog breath.


Rude is taking advantage of a man, mid-orgasm.

Fibber…you’d finished.

Just-a-bloody-bout…couldn’t you cut it any finer? Don’t answer that.


Jake stood in the doorway of his bedroom for a moment. Drinking in the sight he’d deemed so impossible. The miracle that was Phin. Asleep in his bed. How Jake had longed for this…feared it could never be. Had done all that was humanly possible to ensure it didn’t happen. To keep Phin safe.

‘If you love someone, set them free’ had always seemed more cliche than sound advice. If they come back they’re yours, if they don’t, they never were’…? Too impressed with itself to offer much comfort. More to the point, it was scant consolation when sacrificing a future with someone was far from setting them free. It was just denying your self to safeguard theirs. Jake had proved too weak to withstand the doggedness of one. In cahoots? Jack and Phin were an unstoppable force. Irresistible. He’d failed Phin…and now it was too late. Far too late.

Perhaps y’should just suck it up then.

If that was a bad pun; I fully intend to. If it was a…turn of phrase, then fuck off.

Hmm…Jake…” Phin sighed, nuzzling deeper into the pillow with a sleep strewn smile when Jake bent to press a kiss to his temple. The moment those eyes fluttered open, Jake was plunged into huge pools of drowning brown; so deep, dark, they were but a breath from black. Breathtaking. Beautiful. H—Theirs.

“Morning…” Jake smiled.

“You’re back…”

“I am.”

“It was lovely to see Jack, but…hmmm…” With that sublime sigh, Phin raised his arm to stroke an overhanging tendril of Jake’s hair aside and tuck it behind his ear. “I missed you…”

“I—” A bolt of lust blazed through Jake’s body, scything straight through the words he’d been about to attempt. 

“S’okay…I didn’t hope you’d do saying it back. I just wanted to be sure you knew…”

Jake crushed his mouth to the soft ‘oo’ those lips had formed. The answering shaft of raw need that speared Phin intensified Jake’s own. It wasn’t a simple doubling—it resounded back and forth—fuelling the fire, feeding the flames. Breaking the kiss briefly, Jake grasped a fistful of duvet and dragged it off the bed, unveiling a gleaming expanse of alabaster skin. Phin’s naked scent flooded Jake’s senses, engulfing him in a tsunami of too much…never, ever enough…  Jake found himself enfolded in everlasting arms and tugged flush to Phin’s body; hard heat fusing in a clash of chests and cocks.

“Stay with me…” Jake gazed down into a brown ablaze with liquid lust; Bunsen blue reflected in their midnight depths.

“D’you mean—?”

“Forever.” Jake cut in, too impatient to secure an answer to outwait a question. Why force Phin to fumble around, for fear of mooting too much. Jake never wanted to hear that infernal phrase again. Or Phin to fret about its impossibility, let alone utter it aloud.

“Forever?” Those eyes flared improbably wider, wonder writ far too large for the fate they’d doomed him to. Jake had been lost the instant his—theirs—locked with them. 


“But…what about Foxy? Won’t he mind being stuck with me…?” Phin’s frown was as ‘daft’ as the fear that provoked it.

“Mind? He’s been hell-bent on…making you his from the second he caught your scent on the wind.”

“What were you going to say instead of ‘making you…’”

“You really don’t want to know,” Jake groaned.

“I really do…or I wouldn’t have done asking. I want to know more now you don’t want to ‘fess up.”

“Mating.” Jake groaned, dipping his head to hide his mortification. Mating, f’fucksakes. 

“Mating. I’m chuffed t’bits you told me now. It’s a foxy sort of word, so I can do letting myself listen, rather than suspect I heard what I wanted to.” Phin smiled, for all the world as if finding himself mated to a mangy mutt was a fate as fortuitous as slipping his foot into Cinderella’s slipper.   


“You should let yourself listen. I’d never do fibbing about forever,” he informed Jake with a twinkle that promised mischief in mind. “I’d just fudge a bit, not fib, till I could do scarpering, first chance I got.” 

Jake couldn’t help the splutter that promptly sprayed Phin with spittle. “Oh gawd, sorry…”

“You didn’t need to do hinting…I know I niff to high heaven,” he chuckled. “I feel proper scratchy—with itchies—where my skin was sticky. You smell luscious, so the stench must be knocking you out…”

Your smell isn’t. Mine is far less…fragrant, except for the fact you reek of it.” Jake leaned in to ghost his nose along the extravagant sweep of Phin’s neck…paused at its pounding pulse to fasten there. A soft moan vibrated against his lips, a sound so steeped in pleasure, his whiskers would’ve quivered with delight, had they been in situ. Jake drew hard, dragging the blood to the surface with a light graze of teeth. The latter being…purely to complete the…ritual?

Mating ritual. Oh, Christ.

“Hmm…” Phin let his lids glide shut and his head fall back. Jack stirred, his gaze iridescent with...satisfaction? 

No answer came the reply. Sphinx face in full force. F’fucksakes. Steeling himself, Jake braved the shrouded mists of his mind, long since blanketed. 

Cognisance. Jack recognised it as a…gesture. Baring the vulnerable arc of his throat was an…act of trust. Relinquishment. A sacred gift given, rather than surrender.






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