Beast of Bodmin Moor 39

I’m sorry it’s taken so long…


The Beast of Bodmin Moor






“Hmm. Jake…” Phin sighed when the scent of sunshine musk did drifting into his dreams. The soft swish of hair and the brush of plush lips at his temple made his eyes snap open, which was odd, when he usually had to do prising them apart. Then again, they’d never had a sight so sumptuous awaiting them…one Phin longed to do waking to for…as long as Jake would let him.

“Morning…” His voice...made a warm weight do squirming in the pit of Phin’s guts.

“You’re back…” Duh, that was stating the bloomin obvious, when Jake was blatantly here and not sporting a furry face. “It was lovely to see Jack, but hmmm…” Much as he loved Foxy, Phin was in no fit state to inflict on super-sniffer dog skills. Noxious niffs or no…he’d somehow missed Jake, despite delighting in his cosy-as-can-be night with Jack. A snippet of info it seemed important to share, so Phin did…which made Jake do a strange strangly sound, and Phin do wishing the bed would swallow him up for being so stoopid. The rush of relief when Jake’s mouth crushed down did stealing his breath…and the belief that he was about to be told to do leaving.

It was a fear that felt as if it could snatch away his last tatty scraps of sanity. A plummet from teetering on the brink of impossible bliss into an abyss darker, deeper than he’d ever dreaded before. A terror that made Phin too skittish to do deciding if it was real, which was scary in itself.

It was all too new, too bright, too bewildering, much-too-much to believe it belonged in his life. Frettings as scratchy as a mean, spitting kitten kept telling him do fleeing as fast as he could. Before Jake wished Phin would. Self-sabotage was his fail safe way to stave off being found faulty. Proving it before the inevitable happened was a consequence Phin could do controlling. He would rather be squished by the anvil than live with it hanging over his head.

Being squished by Jake was infinitely preferable. His weight was the most unexpected wonder of all. Phin had never realised it was something he should do craving. Now? He was besieged by a clamour of hankerings. Every sense felt starved, ravenous for Jake’s touch, taste, smell, the sound of his voice, the sight of his face. Cravings that consumed all but the bone deep need for closeness to do soothing the scratchy. To feel Jake do filling him up in every way. To crawl inside his skin and stay there for…ever. 

“Stay with me…” Jake’s whisper fanned Phin’s face with whiskey warm breath, the blue ablaze with a hundred hues. Stay with me? For how long? Must it matter? No…yes. No, because Jake wanted him to do staying full stop, for however long he meant. Yes, when he’d kicked down a door Phin had done dashing through without being sure when it would shut him out.

“D’you mean—?” Phin did biting his lip to stop the too much from flaunting itself.

“Forever.” Forever? Could it do meaning a time that wasn’t ‘for the foreseeable future’. At least. At best? For ever and ever amen. “Yes.” One word; the world within it.

A happy (ever after) place with his furry friend, whether Jake was sporting some, or not. Phin couldn’t seem to do seeing them as two separate selves, despite Jake’s insistence that ‘Jack’ had distinct needs and demands. Did he find that less scary than accepting them as his own instincts, unleashed? Did it matter one bit, when Jake’s belief must count most? So, Phin did asking the daftest question he’d ever let flit from his lips. A feat in itself. 

“But…what about Foxy? Won’t he mind being stuck with me…?”

Mind? He’s been dead set on…making you his from the instant he caught your scent on the wind.” Jake’s brief pause sounded more telling than the word he’d done abandoning. The unutterable was always more important. That’s why Phin had never craved company; it meant he must do ignoring the shadow stuff that mattered most. To them, which was a bit batshit, it must not be said.

After a bit of banter back and forth, Phin was gifted the truth. Straight from the jackal’s mouth, he was sure of it: Mating. A word that came complete with superpowers all of its own and quite snaffled Phin’s chances of making sense any time soon. Scandalous, that.

So was having traitorous lips with a titchy tendency to do spilling secrets that came back to bite Phin on the bum. A thought that didn’t do helping his grey matter matters one bite. Bit. Phin’s fudging did do tickling Jake’s funny bone though, which mattered more, when the scoundrel kept fretting about stuff that did not. Better yet, Jake’s splutter-snort was just the ticket to fast track them from sticky patches to pastures far less scratchy:  

“You smell luscious, so the stench must be knocking you out…” 

Your smell isn’t. Mine is far less…fragrant, except for the fact you reek of it.”  As if to do proving that Phin’s stench was not a jot noxious, Jake—fearless superfiend that he was—dipped his head to do inhaling a heroic lungful of the fearsome niff.

Tendrils of hair did tickling Phin’s face, its scent so heady he could do tasting it down to his toes. Jake’s breath sent skitters shivering down his spine, even before the feasting at Phin’s neck. He felt pinpricks of blood do tingling to the surface, as luscious as the graze of Jake’s teeth. Too gentle to do hurting, but oh, so right. As if they could—would—satisfy some…unknowable need. 

“Hmm…” Phin let his head do falling back, pressing into a pillow that puffed out Jake’s scent.

“Phin…” His voice was husky rasp that did tugging deep in Phin’s guts when Jake blazed a trail of lips and tongue across his collarbone, did smudging down to scatter kisses across his chest…

“Jake…please…” Phin didn’t know what he was pleading for till Jake paused to do torturing a nipple with teasing teeth. Lulling Phin into a world of sensation so sumptuous it was a shock to his system when Jake did swooping all-of-a-sudden to sluice a luxuriant lick along his cock. Phin’s hips shot about three feet off the bed, so it was a fine thing that Jake was blessed with foxy reflexes, or he might’ve done poking an eye out. His jackal-in-the-box boner was such a sight to behold, it looked as if it might be luminous in the dark. Unless, it just felt that way.

It was a splendid thing to be foxy, even just to have himself a lightsaber cock. That was a bit of a fib. The real reason started to do swirling his devilish tongue around its tip, obliterating all manner of cockly comparisons Phin might have mustered up. Its mind-mangling twizzle left him clawing the duvet, clutching at clammy fistfuls…which no longer seemed attached to the rest after the raspy sound of ripping fabric. Oops.

“Jake! Please… I can’t—” do enduring any more. Phin needed him. Now. “Jake! Don’t do faffing,” he pleaded when Jake had grabbed the lube and done a swift bit of slathering. Phin was willing to swear that his body had become a mite more accommodating here ‘n’ there…which was a bloomin good job. He might combust if he was forced to do waiting.


“Very!” he gasped when his grappling guts ratcheted up another notch or ninety.

“Really? Are you doing fibbing?”

“Nooo. P’raps…’twould be a tad tricky…with paws.” And claws…oouch.Pleease!

Jake slid his hands beneath Phin’s butt and did hefting him up with featherweight ease. Barely a snatched off breath later, he’d buried himself in Phin’s body with a sublime snap of foxy hips.

“Gnrrrrh! Y’sure? Strewth…” Jake’s eyes had flared so wide it looked as if they might do plopping on Phin’s chest.

“Yesssss! Move!” Crikey, Phin wasn’t going to last two minutes. He felt like the Human Torch; as if he’d done bursting into flames—but blissfully pain free—fuelled from within. Jake nodded and did pulling back before thrusting inside with a growl that did tugging at Phin’s stirring self. Or he was fast turning into a fruitloop. No matter, Phin didn’t care a toot. About aught but the staggering swish of Jake’s spine; sweeping with such speed he might’ve been all blurry, if Phin’s eyes couldn’t do keeping up. 

“Hmmore…” Phin sighed. The flames were less fierce now, licking along his veins with silken tongues, soothing—even as they burned ever brighter—like a log fire on a wintry night. It felt as if he might go off like a rocket any second, despite being sure he could do lasting forever. Jake p’raps didn’t feel quite the same.

“Phin…I- I-fuuck!” The palms clamped to Phin’s bum did trembling when Jake gasped and did throwing his head back. A sheen of sweat glistened on his golden chest, rainbows glinting in the droplets sprinkled across his skin. When he raised his head to do meeting Phin’s gaze, those bewitching blues were wild, ablaze with such raw need, it was a miracle he hadn’t come apart, in one way or another. Or done ripping Phin to shreds with his teeth.

“Jake!” His eyes narrowed with laser focus when Jake dragged in a ragged breath. Then did flexing his hips in final flurry of thrusts as scintillating as the howl of sound that finished Phin off. Jake didn’t even do touching him. A torrent of bliss just did battering Phin’s body and blistered through his system like force lightning. It seemed touch and go whether the world behind his eyelids would explode in light-shot shards. Or Phin. Much to his relief, it was the white-out. Phew. Phin might have done a dreadful damage to Jake’s cock, and that was one of his very favourite things.







“Y’okay?” Jake asked, gazing down at Phin’s lazy lidded face after lowering him to the bed; lips curved in a smile so sublime Jake wanted to lick it.

“Hmm…” The smile stretched as languidly as the eyelashes dusting his cheeks. He looked stoned. Immaculate.

Jake crawled up to flop down on his side facing Phin and propped his head on a bent elbow. Quite how he conspired to pull off a beatific serenity that belied kiss-bitten lips, a(n embarrassingly) lavish love bite, and sweat sodden hair, Jake knew not. 

“Jake…are you afraid?” Phin’s eyelids fluttered open to reveal limpid pools of brown deep enough to drown in.

“For you,” he admitted, lifting his hand to stroke the damp tendrils of hair from Phin’s brow.

“I thought so…I can seem to smell it. I’m not scared, so there’s no need to do worrying.”

“Everything you’ll have to endure…is my fault. I hate that I’ve done this to you.” Jake’s words echoed the rasp of a bastard file. How appropriate.

“It will be worth it, so I’m not really fussed, but Jake…hasn’t it done crossing your mind that…p’raps you were meant to? Do this to me, I mean. You told me that she said ‘I’ve found you.’ So…it doesn’t seem too daft to suggest that she, or her…kin, might have done finding me, even if you didn’t.” Phin’s voice was the sound of waves lapping the shore. 

“I’d…never thought it through. I know you’ve rustled that up to alleviate my guilt, but I deserve to feel fuck awful. I should be slaughtered.”

“Pah…piffle. Who will do looking after me, then? I might do getting up to all sorts of too much mischief, left to my own devices…”

“Christ. Phin…” A low warning rumbled in his throat. Phin? Appeared not to notice, too busy being whisked away on the wings of his own whimsy.

“I might cause super-mishaps here, there ‘n’ everywhere, which would be your fault if you did slaughtering yourself. Then you’d deserve to feel guilty… aside from the fact you’d be a bit too dead, o’course.”

“You’re a monster, Finlay. You can’t guilt me out of feeling guilty.”

“I’ve never claimed otherwise…you just did putting the cherry on top. And snaffled mine, while you were at it. I suspect I can, cos I just did,” the delinquent declared.

“I need a drink.” Jake groaned.

“You always do saying that when you know I’m right,” Phin smirked.

“Shut up.” Jake grunted.

“…And that.” Phin clamped his lips together, eyes pinned wide as he tried to stifle a snigger.

“Phin!” Didn’t have the grace to look the least perturbed by Jake’s death-stare. Quite the contrary. His shoulders started quaking with silent laughter. Oh gawd.

An all-too vivid image of Phin as a jackal…pup flashed through Jake’s head. Christ... The Beast of Bodmin Moor was about to do seeming a lot like bloody Bagpuss.



2 thoughts on “Beast of Bodmin Moor 39

  1. I love the luscious start to this chapter – “the scent of sunshine musk did drifting into his dreams.” is just gorgeous!

    And I absolutely felt the brief breathlessness of Phin’s panic moment and so so glad Jake snatched it away with an affirming crush of his awesome loving self 😀

    The banter between these two rogues at the end had me smirking and chuckling, esp. Phin’s tight-lipped, wide-eyed, ‘not in the least bit bloody innocent’ expression! XD And the gut-punch last line had me hooting out loud! Some part of me wants to see these two Jackals in their own comic strip getting up to all kinds of high jinx XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, thank you, my scrumptious🥰Phew, I’m so glad (relieved) you found something to enjoy!😁 Good grief I thought Phin’s part might do driving me demented before it was done.🤯
      …so so glad Jake snatched it away with an affirming crush of his awesome loving self 😀
      I’m chuffed t’bits you had a chuckle…and oh, how I’d love to see them frolicking in comic form🤭 😻Thank you so muchalots, always. XD 💞

      Liked by 1 person

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