The Beast of Bodmin Moor 42


The Beast of Bodmin Moor






Nudge nudge. Ooh…Phin didn’t want to do waking up. His delicious dream was just getting to the best bit, but someone was doing shaking him with ‘c’mon sleepy head’ insistence. That wasn’t so strange, but the prodding seemed to be…inside himself, which was a wee bit weird. 

Trying to ignore it didn’t do working, Phin’s inner frolics were having none of his lazing about lark, even if his outsides were as cosy as can be and quite content to do snoozing the day away. Scoundrels. As if to up the ante, their revelries did spreading to his skin, which set off a ticklish fit of the fidgets. That sounded far too daft to be true, so p’raps…someone was feather-dustering him?

“Phin…” That velvety voice. Impossible to do ignoring—even if Phin wanted to—he didn’t. Mine

“Jake…” A slow smile did spreading across Phin’s face. Now that was a sight worth prising his eyelids apart for. Plink. Quick as a flash, they flared open, like a till drawer. Um, that was a smidge random, but no matter…hmm. Bewitching blues stared back, ablaze with…worry…wonder…fear… What was Jake afraid of? He smelled most oddsome… like a bowl of whiskey trifle with curry sauce. Phin was willing to do giving it a bash if Jake was serving it up but…blimey, that was one hell of a curried fruit ‘n’custard cocktail. 

“Are you okay?” A lot better than Jake, that was for sure, who seemed a mite green about the gills. P’raps his trifle had gone off.

“Hmm…very. Did you do feather dustering me? I woke up all tickly.”

Jake looked a smidge incredulous—it had been a bit of a daft question, Phin had to admit—Jake was perched on the edge of the bed beside him and not waving a duster of any description about. He looked anx— Ponderings that puttered to a halt when Phin  realised he could not only see anxiousness etched on Jake’s face. He could do seeing full stop. Despite it being dark outside…and the floodlight wasn’t switched on. Ooh

Had he done changing? Phin glanced down at himself. He looked much the same—except for his skin, which was…pretty. Sort of shimmery, like moonstone rather than matt milk white.

“I’m still here,” he noted, mostly to himself, a mite surprised to be so, which was a bit bonkers when that would mean he’d done sleeping through the shift. Duh. It was just that…it felt sort of…wrong to still be his bog-standard self. Had something gone amiss? “Hmm…you look luscious…” Lifting his hand, Phin did brushing aside the tendril of hair obscuring Jake’s right eye, it felt like spun silk slithering through his fingers.

“Your last observation suggests you can’t see straight, let alone—”

“I can…even though it’s dark, so there. You’re too distracting to do bothering to read the spines of books. I feel most oddsome…sort of shivery. In my bones, but my blood’s doing boiling. Blimey, I’m hot,” Phin did huffing to fuff his fringe away from his forehead, which was stuck to it with sweat.


“Fuck!” A flare of flame did shooting up Phin’s spine, snatching his breath away. It wasn’t a fun feeling—like one of those weird neck cricks—but all over. His skin was more uncomfy, far too tight and too hot, so he felt sort of shrink-wrapped inside it. As if Phin was too much for his very own self.

“Phin…I’m sorry…” Jake’s eyes blazed full beam bright, iridescent with fear and suppressed fury…something else too. Longing? He smelled heavenly; his sultry sunshine scent as thick and heady as opium fumes.

“No sorries…I’m okay it’s just, Jake, I need—” Phin’s words were snaffled when a scorching spasm did zipping through his system, twanging his tendons taut to make his muscles do clenching.

“Phin…” Jake’s low, rumbly purr did tugging the coiled centre of heat in the pit of Phin’s belly; it needed him too. So much so, it started to do…unfurling in a silent shimmer, suffusing every fibre of his being. Filling Phin up with all-consuming rightness when it did flooding his body.

“I…Jake, I feel too right but all wrong…” Phin was aflame with too much excessive to contain. He ached to do letting it go, but was tangled in twisty knots; too tight and ratcheting tighter still, binding him in barbed wire snarls, trapping him inside himself.

“I’m scared…what if do going excessive? What if I turn out Too Much? Jake…I can’t bear to do hurting you.”

“Phin I could kill whoever drilled that into your head. No More Too Much. I’ll heal, f’chrissakes.” Springing to his feet, Jake did yanking at the belt of his robe before shrugging it off to do puddling at his feet in a soft sigh of fabric. Then stood, naked; glimmering gold, backlit by the moonbeams beckoning Phin into the night. Light and shadow stroking his skin, caressing it’s hard lines and sinuous curves…he was magnificent. Mine.

Jake did diving atop Phin before he could blink, engulfing him in a headrush of lush scent and lean, sinewy strength. Covering him—as if to do protecting him from a bomb blast—when surely Phin was the bomb about to blow? A fear he forgot to do fretting about when Jake crushed his mouth down to lay waste to Phin’s lips with a blitzkrieg of kisses. So hot, hungry, Jake must have done holding back so much more than he’d ached to take; needed with a ferocity that made such restraint astounding. The need driving Phin was an immense press too insistent to do denying. It would have been impossible; he was too punch drunk on lust to resist the irresistible. Phin tangled his fingers into tousled waves, revelling in the rasps of sound that did spilling from Jake’s lips. Anchored, adrift in a torrent of never, ever, too much. 

“Phin….please,” Jake did lifting his head, ensnaring Phin with the laser luminosity of blue brilliance. “Let go…it will hurt more if you don’t…we need you. I-Jack…love you, both—no—all of you. Jack wants—oh crap, must I? He’s ‘doing waiting for you’…”

The last words did ripping from Jake’s lips as if…he mightn’t allow them to leave otherwise. Jack. My Jack. Wanting…waiting… Phin could do sensing him so strongly he seemed to hear him—inside his head—as if he were holding a seashell to his ear with words whispering from it, filling him up. Seeping into every fibre of his being; heart, body, soul. Mate.

“Jaaack!” Phin howled when his spine did a sudden spasm so violent it surged off the bed in an arc that sent Jake flying off his body—unless he’d done flipping himself off—Phin knew not. “Jake!”

“I’m okay…” He was beside the bed in a flash, all frantic eyes and sinews straining to hold himself still…despite the fact Phin could feel the fury that wanted to do razing the world to the ground. For him...them? No—that sounded as daft as it felt. For Phin.

Scrunching his eyes tight shut, Phin did focusing on the strong, sure, pounding of Jake’s heart and the skittering of his own as it scampered to do catching up. Then did concentrating on the very thing he’d spent forever trying to suppress…um, mostly, unless he forgot to do remembering. Flinging wide the floodgates, Phin did throwing himself headfirst into the flames of too much to let loose. 

“Jack…” Phin sighed when his muscles did rippling in a free-flowing stretch, filling him with an agony of bliss. His entire self did shrieking as it shattered on the rocks of excruciating ecstasy, engulfing Phin in the light-shot lustre of never, ever, enough…






“I could kill whoever drilled that into your head.” Fury blistered through Jake’s body, propelling him to his feet with a snarl. “No More Too Much. I’ll heal, f’chrissakes.”

Unable to stand stifling human niceties a second longer, Jake shrugged off their last shroud and sprang forwards, fuelled by pure instinct. The skin beneath Jake’s was an extravagance of seething heat—hotter than their own—aflame with steel- trap constraint. Even Phin’s lips were comparatively cool when Jake captured them, but the tongue that darted between his teeth was febrile fire, as feverish as his kisses. That had to count as justification for Jake’s assuredly lost plot…which starred a Phin tethered too tight to shift. Wilfully so. 

Why the fuck is he holding out? Resisting the very thing he’d claimed to want? Jake sure as shit hadn’t wanted him to suffer this fate. Fears that had been rebuffed by Phin with nary a care for consequences. Mr Neil had never had a hope in hell. 

The jackal wasn’t straining for freedom despite—against—Phin’s wishes. His scent alone made that an indubitable fact. Phin had not done changing his mind. Just as Jack had promised. 

Still sure?

Twice as. 

“Phin….” Jake pleaded, after dragging himself from the kiss.

Jack…Help Me. Jake felt his irises flare and saw blue flame reflected back in bottomless brown. Now flecked with amber fire…in readiness.

 “Let go…it will hurt more if you don’t…we need you. I-Jack…love you, both—no—all of you. Jack wants—oh crap, must I?” You’ll pay for this, you mangy mutt. “He’s ‘doing waiting for you’…”

Au contraire…we’re about to reap our rewards, so suck it up. 

Jake threw himself backwards to land sure-footed on the floor a split-second before “Jaaack!” clawed the walls when Phin threw back his head with a howl and an abrupt spasm seized his body. “Jake!” His name, full of fear, for him. Phin didn’t seem afraid of the jackal self whose scent would soon overshadow his own. Jake could sense its presence as keenly as a jackal in the room. 

He is? Well, I can’t see him, can I. 

None so blind as those who will not see…just sayin’.


“I’m okay.” Jake assured him, stroking the sweat-soaked strands of hair from his brow. Phin’s kiss-swollen lips curved in a breathtaking smile as gold flecked brown glittered with relief. Then his eyelids slammed shut.

“Jack…” Phin sighed. A sound Jack heard as ‘I’m coming…’ Somehow. A soft whimper slipped free but the jackal remained still, alert—doing guarding his mate—rather than riding roughshod over Jake to snatch back the reins.

The shudders vibrating through that beloved body made Jake feel murderous as he stood, primed to pounce; heal, save, whatever it took… 

He felt every agonising second as if they shared the same body. Inhabited every teeth-gritting grind of bone on bone. Flinched when Phin’s joints popped with a god-awful squelch and twang of tendons. Winced in pain when endless limbs dislocated under duress. Wept silent tears as he stood sentry. It took scant minutes, it felt like a forever of staccato heartbeats. When a torrent of pain and pleasure consumed Jake’s senses, he was staggered, astounded. Excruciating ecstasy, so soon…? Jake could only recall a steel-jaw grip of terror too intense for fuck all else from that first shift. 

The flow of Phin’s fur was breath-snatching; shades of desert sand-gold-grey, dusted with black and stippled with white. The relief was euphoric…for an eternal second or so, Jake’s brain went blank. Utter white-out. Even Jack was stunned into silence. 

Time stood still in the heart-stuttering hush of the aftermath. Even the air seemed tranquil, languid, in the calm after the storm, as if it was too glutted to bestir itself.

Jake felt…giddy with relief. Suck it up, party pooperbe ‘light-headed’ if y’must. We know different…

Holding his breath, Jake approached the body curled in the carnage wreaked upon the bed. His Phin. Jake could still feel him, he realised. He hadn’t expected to, having feared losing him somehow; that the essence of the man he loved would be stolen by the creature who’d snatched him away. Their Phin-jackal…so, so, beautiful. Jake’s fingers were tingling with a longing to touch silky soft fur as he sank to his haunches and reached out a hesitant hand.

“Phin…” he murmured.

His fluffy head snapped up and those eyes—his eyes—midnight dark and sprinkled with starlight…and full, full of all Jake had been terrified would be lost. Brimming with wonder, love, longing… The magic and mischief that so entranced them with one whiff on the wind.

A strangely tentative snuffle of Jake’s hand was succeeded by a nose butt…then Phin-jackal let his tongue loll out in a daft grin. A very deliberate wink, mirroring Jake’s from a lifetime ago made him grin. Like a loon. Then, the miscreant inclined his head, blinding Jake with puppy eyes. About a snicker before swiping a slurpy lick, as lavish as it was gleeful, across Jake’s face. 




2 thoughts on “The Beast of Bodmin Moor 42

  1. Awwwww! Yessss! What a beautiful breathtaking knuckle biting and daft-as-a-brush grin-inducing transformation! Phin is such a gorgeous soul – in human and Jackal form! – and the pic at the end is a total heart-melt! 😀 xxx I’m so sorry my commenting has been sporadic the last 2 weeks – I’ve been super busy and our new internet provider keeps booting us off (I think it might be the storms so hoping now they’ve died down things will be better – tentacles crossed!) Hope you have a scrumptious weekend my lovely! – hugs – xxx


    1. 😻Oh wow…if twas a teeny tad as wondrous as your words about it, then I am chuffed t’bits.😁🥰 Aw, you need never say sorry, its utterly lovely of you to comment at all! Tis always a delight to see you whenever you can come…you’re the part that matters mostest. I hopes your provider soon stops with the booting out antics, that’s just plain rude!😲 Tentacles crossed tight🥰 Wishing you the most splendiferous weekend too! Hugalots back! xxx🌹

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