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I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend & all is well in your world.

I finally pressed publish for the paperback version of Duke & Dandy, which now – finally – feels as if it exists as more than a daft notion I had once upon a time.  It costs a flippin fortune though. 

This, despite re-formatting it to tally less than 500 pages and selecting the lowest price I was offered. I couldn’t chose a royalty rate either. Pft. Scoundrels.



Thus, I don’t expect to sell a single copy of a book I gave away in the first place, but that matters not a jot. ‘Tis now a tangible thing. C’est tout.

I must now get to work editing Hangover 3 & DarknessDawns 2….but before I get lost in the mire of my own mishaps…there are two new stories sitting on my Kindle.  The first o’which was released yesterday, and the second will be out on June 1st.

1.  His Steady Heart  by Nell Iris. Tis currently on sale at JMS books – 45% off – a snip.


2. The second is the sequel to the wonderful Contingency Plan by Addison Albright

Both are also on sale at JMS:

Contingency Plan

Best-Laid Plans


I have read Best-Laid Plans and tis bloomin brilliant. I will post a proper review on release day but it was fabulous. How Addison has managed to fandangle such a splendid plot I know not…I cannot plan so much as one paragraph ahead without matters going a mite awry along the way.  A fact that ensures tis always an utter treat to read one of her books, quite aside from their wonderful characters and being beautifully written t’boot.

Speaking o’which…I read Angel and Firebird by Nell Iris after finishing up D&D. I could have rewarded myself no finer way. Twas exquisite…the ending sublime.



Proof: I wrote a thing…

Hiya,  I hope you’re having a great weekend.

I spent last week attempting to format a pdf file for the paperback version of Duke & Dandy. It took me about six months to work out what Rainbow snippets entailed, so this was…um an experience. One preferable to my trip to Bristol; reached via Reading on the way, and Torquay on the way home. For US readers, this was akin to travelling from Tallahassee to Jacksonville via Orlando…with a teeny trip to Tampa on the way back. 

Anyhoo… after about seventy-twelve attempts…

IMG_20190518_204604 - Edited (1)

This is my proof copy…tis humongous. I chose the size they suggested, so I knew how big it was. In theory. Tis bigger than a bloomin’ bible. 😳 I can scarce believe it ‘exists’…in the tangible sense.

I have yet to press publish…mostly because it costs so much to buy. I did another round of edits to remove the double spacing in the dialogue, in a bid to bring the page count below 500. The proof was only $6, but I can’t lower the royalty, which damn near doubles the price. Pft.

Ah well, no matter, twas fun to do… and bestest of all? My mum now has a copy to flash to her technosaur friends who want to know when they’ll get to see the ‘proper book’.😋